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"My work is dedicated to helping people, so that our communities, our families, and our schools become places where everyone can thrive.", Sarah Ahmad

Sarah Ahmad is running for the San Marcos Unified School District board to advocate for all students, parents, and teachers, to ensure that their voices are heard. Sarah has been a proud member of the vibrant San Marcos community for 13 years. Her two children, ages 9 and 11, have attended SMUSD schools for seven years. Sarah will leverage her STEAM and corporate background to ensure an innovative and impactful learning experience for every student attending SMUSD schools. She strongly believes in recruiting and retaining the best teachers in order to deliver a quality education to each child regardless of socioeconomic status. As a school board member Sarah will strive to be connected, collaborative, and transparent with our community while focusing on the SUCCESS, SAFETY, and SPACE (to achieve) of our students.

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Empower students to reach their full potential through opportunities and experiences to enhance learning.

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Proactively protect our students in a meaningful way focusing on well-rounded safety protocols from mental health of physical security.

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Provide each student space to learn with reduced class sizes and innovative resources.

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Make informed and conscientious decisions to ensure an ideal experience for teachers and students.

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Coming together and collaborating to ensure an innovative and compelling learning experience in our physical and virtual classrooms to empower our students and teachers to reach their highest potential.

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