Meet Sarah

"A working mom, a STEM professional, and a community member dedicated to ensuring our children and as a result, our community and future, have the best our schools can offer."

Sarah Ahmad

Experience and Commitment

Sarah and her family have been members of the San Marcos community for the last 13 years, and her two young kids have attended SMUSD schools for the last 8 years. Sarah and her family are looking forward to many more years in this vibrant community.

Sarah grew up in southern California, in a family whose cornerstone values are educational achievement and advocacy, and civic duty. Values that Sarah continues to instill in her kids. From a young age Sarah has wanted to make a difference. She found her passion in carving out a path being a woman in the field of engineering, where she makes a difference everyday in high impact industries, and as a role model to young girls and boys interested in STEM fields. She achieved her dream as the product of public schools, from grade school to college. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Information and Computer Science from the University of California, Irvine, and has continued learning whenever she can.

Sarah’s husband Kamran is a Cyber Security engineer and an adjunct professor on the topic with CSSM and UMBC. As a product of public education himself, Kamran shares and supports Sarah’s passion to advocate and work towards ensuring that the public schools provide the very best resources and opportunities to the children they serve.

As a career professional and director at a big software company Sarah manages the relationship and collaboration of individuals ranging from the C-level to engineers. Her role requires her to understand the pains, needs, and future of the industries her products serve and deliver value and solutions that meet them. Her job is to innovate for the future. She brings this decades-old experience in hopes to make SMUSD one of the most innovative, comprehensive, and successful districts; not only in the caliber of students we mold, but also the kind of teacher and schools we build and support.

In her spare time Sarah likes to volunteer whenever and wherever she can. Her volunteer work has ranged making and delivering meals to those less fortunate, to classroom volunteer, to yearbook coordinator at her Children’s elementary school. Most recently Sarah has committed herself to raising awareness and funds for Cancer and research in collaboration with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Sarah’s commitment to public service has given her an important insight into challenges facing our school system. Her 19 year long career in technology has made her best suited to understand and suggest solutions in how technology can and should be leveraged to teach and learn in the time of COVID and distance learning.

Sarah is determined to make sure SMUSD keeps its promise of “engaging (all) Students...inspiring futures,” by being an innovative and collaborative community providing an unparalleled educational experience.