Official Endorsements & Support

I am proud to endorse Sarah Ahmad for SMUSD School Board, Area B.  Sarah brings real-world practical experience with her degree in Information and Computer Science from UCI, and her proven corporate leadership and management skills.  Sarah Ahmad will bring those talents and her passion for student education to increase trust and communication between the SMUSD governing board and its stakeholders.

Tom Kamura

We are happy to endorse Sarah for the San Marcos Unified School Board. Her willingness to listen and learn from others definitely sets her apart. We know Sarah will be a leader who will make the most of opportunities to ensure everyone in our community benefits.

The Pearson Family

Sarah Ahmad is the perfect candidate for this position. For those who don’t know her, Sarah is kind, intelligent, passionate and focused. She’s someone who listens but doesn’t get caught up in gossip and drama. And she’s a hard worker!

The Giovanola Family

We are so proud to know Sarah. She is a brilliant and compassionate woman and who will represent us so well!

The Wilkerson Family

Sarah has devoted hundreds of hours of her personal time to make sure that the students of San Elijo Elementary have a yearbook that they will cherish.  She focuses on making sure everyone is included and that the school and events are well represented. 

The Bonilla Family

Sarah is well informed about our district and has spoken at board meetings. Her proactive approach is exactly what is needed. As a teacher and a parent, I am confident that Sarah will make a positive impact!

The Schroeder Family

Sarah Ahmad is the perfect candidate for our school board. She is dedicated to helping all students in the district. She works tirelessly to educate herself on all topics pertinent to our district. I am proud to know Sarah Ahmed professionally, and personally. She will bring new life to our district.

The Kelts Family

I am excited to support Sarah for the San Marcos Unified School board. She has taken an active role in the district and I know she will work hard to ensure all students receive a first class education.

The Meeker Family

The Slattum’s believe that Sarah is the right person, at the right time! During this critical time of our children’s development; let’s unite behind the woman to help our schools, navigate these troubling waters. We are all in for Sarah and our children!

The Slattum Family

I am excited to endorse Sarah Ahmad for the SMUSD School Board. She has been an active member of the San Elijo school community, volunteering in many different capacities that support the students of this district. She has also taken the time to come on campus and learn the inter-workings of the school, to better inform her of what the needs are for the district. I have never seen a board member (or potential board member) put so much of her personal time into educating herself about the schools she will represent. I strongly endorse Sarah Ahmad for the SMUSD School Board!

The Faulkner Family

We are supporting Sarah Ahmad because we believe she will be able to focus on solutions and make decisions that are in the best interest of our children, teachers, communities, and schools. She is a parent in the district and has devoted her time to volunteer in the school and classroom. We stand behind Sarah knowing she will give it her all!

The Nicol Family

I proudly endorse Sarah Ahmad for the SMUSD School Board. As a school administrator, I witnessed her hard work and dedication at San Elijo Elementary that helped contribute to the school's success. Sarah donated countless hours volunteering at San Elijo supporting the students, teachers, and administration. Sarah is a kind, positive person who listens to others and values cooperation and collaboration. I can't think of a better person than Sarah to represent SMUSD as a school board member. I am confident she will help lead our district in the right direction.

Jimmy Miringoff- Assistant Principal 2012-2019 at San Elijo Elementary

Sarah Ahmad is a perfect candidate for the San Marcos Unified School Board! She is dedicated to ensuring ALL students have an opportunity to learn and succeed in school. She listens to all stakeholders and wants their input and ideas. She is willing to listen, learn, and make informed decisions based on what’s in the best interests of students achieving their potential. Sarah has volunteered at San Elijo Elementary and been a very involved member of the San Elijo Community. She’s involved in the education of her kids and wants to be a voice for her zone. She will be a great addition to the SMUSD School Board!

The Gidner Family

I have the pleasure of knowing Sarah as a fellow mom, as well as an individual committed to bettering our schools. She understands the struggles students can face in school, AND the struggles many of us parents face due to the decisions made by our school board. I have no doubt in Sarah's commitment and abilities in improving our schools once she is on the board. SMUSD board needs Sarah's knowledge, experiences, and input. I firmly believe we, as parents, and our children will be delighted with Sarah's involvement on the SMUSD school board.

Kimberly Orellana - Owner of Downtown Academics Tutoring

Sarah cares about the community so much and has been a parent with first hand experience in our district! She is very well spoken and has amazing values. I trust her and know that she would be a great fit for this position!

Ilana Huff - Local Realtor @ Huff Team