How do you expect SMUSD to be able to work through their current financial shortfalls?

California is 5th the largest economy in the world, but number 46 in the nation in terms of per-pupil funding; something we need to consider and really think about how we at the state level are prioritizing education.   We need to do everything we can to protect our students’ learning opportunities, improve the effectiveness and productivity of our schools, and continue to boost their achievement.

 I know we are facing some incredibly tough decisions when it comes to finances and budgets.   The Decisions that the school board will have to make will not be easy decisions.  We will definitely have to look very closely and seriously at duplicated or redundant resources, knowing that we are already running trim.  Most importantly, we have to think out of the box. We have to get creative.  One thing is for sure after a year and in some cases what will be a year and a half of virtual learning I do not want budget cuts to come near the classrooms.  Cutting the budget in the classroom will compound an already tenuous situation with our kids’ education.  I will work and support more partnerships with other boards, businesses and organizations to help offset costs with joint programs.  I want to see if the business side of the house could spend less or raise new revenue, such as by renting school facilities after school or on the weekend; can we merge back-office operations with other districts; outsourcing food, custodial, health, or maintenance services; reducing energy costs. There are so many areas to look.  Of course, we also need to rethink whom we hire, what they do, how we pay them, and how to incorporate technology.