You have the support of the SMEA Union. Who are you going to work for and represent?

I am running for our kids.  100% No Union endorsement will ever sway me from that focus.   I have stated to the Union president and reps that my focus is and always will be our students. 

I am proud of my endorsement from our San Marcos classroom teachers.  Some have reached out and questioned that endorsement. Some have come out and said they will not vote for me because of the endorsement. I 100% respect that.  The beauty of our nation is that our vote is our own and we make our vote based on what we hold dear.  It is this freedom that sets us apart and makes us the wonderful nation that we are. 

In particular to this election it is important to note that every candidate running for SMUSD school board (zone B) asked for the teachers’ endorsement; had they received the endorsement [I am sure] they would have promoted the fact. I received the endorsement.

 The endorsement does not mean that I have in any way changed my priorities of why I am running or, who I am running for. I am running to ensure that each one of our children receives an exceptional education in our schools. I am running to bring back communication, and collaboration between the governing board and our community. 

 I am running for our Kids.

As a board member, one of my main focus areas will be re-building communication, relationships, transparency, and trust between the governing board and our community (and other stakeholders).  I want to ensure that we are working together to get past the hurdles we face and reach new heights going forward. This endorsement means I am committed to and working hard to foster and form positive relationships with ALL stakeholders (including the union).  

Long story short my number one priorities are our students, and their education. That priority will drive my decisions as a board member.