What are the key strengths you are seeking in the next SMUSD Superintendent?

Strengths I will look for in the next SMUSD Superintendent are collaboration and leaderships skills:
a. proven leadership skills;
b. someone who is a good strategist;
c. someone is good at taking and making actions happen;
d. someone who will not only fit our culture but have the appropriate impact on our culture to
take our district into the future,
e. and someone who is agile.
To explain. First, we need someone who has strong leadership skills. As a superintendent, one must inspire and motivate large groups of people inside our district, including the students and families we serve. This means communicating clearly; setting out a clear vision; giving people a sense of purpose,why they want be a part of our district. They must demonstrate that they have concern for others, good judgment and that they can be trusted. People follow leaders whom they believe in.

Second, by strategist I do not just mean someone who can plan of the future and anticipate the needs of our community. We need someone who will invite dialogue, challenge assumptions, and build an environment to explore future opportunity. Someone who is skilled at developing and communicatingstrategic issues and implications.

Third, being able to communicate and share vision is not enough. He/she must be able to mobilize our district, to cascade the vision down to specific goals, objectives and metrics. Then build, motivate, and manage to deliver the implementation of that vision in a timely fashion.

Forth, someone who will have the best impact in our district culture. I would really like to focus on making sure our superintendent is a believer in the success of each child. Success may be not look the same of everyone but each child in our district must know they can and will reach their highest potential. Whether you are student who needs extra help, or a high achiever. Our superintendent must believe in the success of both.

Finally yet importantly, we live in challenging times our next superintendent must possess critical thinking; tolerance for ambiguity; social and emotional intelligence; and flexibility. In addition, perhaps most important, humility and capacity to learn. You’ve got to remain open-minded, and a willingness to learn from mistakes.